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EMERON produces the most powerful and flexible business management solutions, for midsized companies looking to grow a competitive with limited IT resources.

What we Do


Emeron offer a wide range of IT software consulting services and provide technology driven advice and solution for enhancement and development of your business.

Custom Software Development

We do Customized Software Development according to your requirements. Emeron provides custom applications designed to improve your business workflow. Emeron leverages the most innovative technologies to develop rich, user-friendly, easy-to-use, and effective front-ends. Our team has broad experience in developing desktop applications using Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation. Our applications can be delivered using a physical installation package, or virtually, through virtualization systems. Technologies We Work With: Windows Forms(.NET) Windows Presentation Foundation(.NET)

Web Application Development

We do Custom Web Application Development for our Customers Emeron delivers complete and unique web solutions that significantly improve the effectiveness of business on the web To meet our customers specific challenges, Emeron web experts thoroughly analyze customer's needs and requirements, then deliver the most effective state_of_art web solution .

Our Domain Expertise

The Following are the software’s that we Implemented for our Customers 

Campus ERP

 An Online ERP Software used for School/Institutes/Colleges and type of Campus

Human Resource Management System

 An Online HR and Payroll Management System for Managing Employees in a Company

Financial Accounting ERP

 A system for controlling Financial Management in a Company

Real Estate/Property Management System

 For managing all the aspects of a Real Estate and Property Management system

Production ERP Suite

 Manages Complete cycle for production and manufacturing  companies

Cargo Trading Management System

 An Perfect ERP Solution for Cargo Trading Companies

Jewelry Management Suite

 An Erp Solution for Jewelry Business which covers all the financial transactions with respect to gold

Restaurant Management POS and   Back office

 An ERP Solution for Food production and Selling

Inventory and Accounts Suite

 An perfect Software solution for Trading Companies

Cheque Printing Management System

 A software which manages accounts, Cheque, which user can easily design the pattern for cheques and manages postdated Cheque

Clinical Management Solution

 An ERP Solution for Clinical Management

Service ERP

 An ERP Solution for Service Based companies including job tracking , job disposing, financial management

Customer Relation Management System

 An Perfect solution for Customer Relation Management includes Ticketing/Support/Sales Forecasting/Campaign/Project Tracking

We strive to provide superior quality products and performance-oriented solutions to Customers. Paying extra attention to quality, robustness and flexibility of architecture of the products, we are able to successfully deploy wide range of clients across different geographic areas and business sectors.

Enterprise Products

Emerge your Business with Us

Emeron Erp Pro

Emeron ERP is the perfect cost effective business solution for Midsize Business Houses engaged in diversified business activities.

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Emeron Auto Garage Erp Pro

custom developed for an automobile workshop in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with real-time automobile garage and workshop experience, has evolved rapidly over the last 5 years into a reliable system well suited for the automobile garage and workshop sector.

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Emeron Restaurant Erp and POS

It is a user-friendly, secure, cost – effective, customization on demand and much more. The below listed features are not just enough, there are so many benefits as well as surprising features you will discover it if you will start using our Restaurant Management System. This is a multi branch restaurant management to manage restaurants back office and point of sale.

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Emeron Erp

Emeron Erp Pro is a business ERP software solutions for every company looking for more value and more features from their ERP solutions. It supports most industries with a complete ERP software solution, showcasing a full suite of applications within following modules: Sales, Purchases, Items & Inventory, Manufacturing, Accounting and etc.

With its modular design, customers have the flexibility to select the software capabilities that best meet their current needs, with the ability to add to, update and expand their ERP software to accommodate future business demands at any edge.


Enterprise Solutions for SME Manufacturing & Distribution Organization.

Purchases and Accounts Payable

Sales And Accounts Receivables

Manage Customer Accounts, Sales Quotations, Sales Orders, Good Delivery Notes, Invoicing, Delivery order, Sales related documents, Customer Payments and shipping.

Manage Items & Inventory

Purchases and Accounts Payable

Manage Supplier Accounts, Purchase Orders, Goods Receive Notes and Payment Terms, Supplier Payments and Allocations, Debit Notes and record Credit Notes from Suppliers and etc.


Manage Items & Inventory

Record Stock Items, Define Item Categories and Item Locations, Record location transfers and other adjustments, Automatic calculation of average material cost, standard and overhead costs, into material prices and etc.



Prepare bills of materials, Work Center inquiries and Work Order entries, Feasibility of adding advanced production and simple assembling features etc.

Sales And Accounts Receivables


Open Bank and Petty Cash Accounts, Record payments, deposit and withdrawals in related accounts Record bank enquiries and reports, Prepare bank accounts reconciliation, Transactions can be made void and reprinted.

General Ledger

General Ledger

General ledger accounts, Record journal entries and budget entries, Generate ledger accounts detailed enquiries with drill down reports, Make journal enquiries with an option to view journal entries, bank deposit/payment, journal entry and supplier invoice/credit, Closes the fiscal year and brings forward retained earnings, bank deposit/payment, journal entry and supplier invoice/credit and etc.

Reports & Analysis

Reports & Analysis

Print, Email and Convert into PDF, all the reports, Export the reports in MS Excel/Open Office Calc format, Generate reports on periodic and financial years basis, Email documents directly to customers, Make graphical analysis (Horizontal/Vertical Bars, Dot Lines, Pies and Donuts).

Manage Settings

Manage Settings

Different companies can be set-up simultaneously, Separate financial years can be created and closed against entries, Multi user access with different privileges, Make backups and restore for companies and etc.

Emeron ERP is well fitted for small businesses. It is our greatest wish that over time Emeron ERP becomes more than software to you. We really hope that it serves as a foundation for your business. We dream of the day when you come to work actually looking forward to using Emeron ERP simply because it empowers you throughout your day. Please join the winning team and Manufacture with Emeron.

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Emeron Apply their deep understanding of industry market sectors and strong engineering expertise to make their customers firms of the future, thus played a central role in transforming our client’s business operations. Emeron aim to be recognized as the top Software brand in the global market

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