Manage your business with Emeron Erp. Sales-Purchase-Stock-VAT and Financial Accounting

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Features of Emeron ERP 

•     Accounts Management

•     Inventory Management

•     Sales Management

•     Purchase Management

•     Document Management

•     Employee Management

Emeron Erp Pro Organized as the following structure

•     Lists     

o     Chart of Accounts

o     Product Register

o     Product Price List Report

o     Product Search

o     Voucher Search

o     Dashboard

•     Customer

o     New Customer

o     New Area

o     New Route

o     New Counter

o     New Sales man

o     Sales Quotation

o     Sales Order

o     Sales Invoice

o     Pont of Sale Type-1

o     Point of Sale Type-2

o     Sales Return

o     Sales Cancellation

o     Receive Payments

o     Credit Note

o     Delivery Note

o     Delivery Return

o     Pricing Level Registration

o     Price Lists

o     Customer Import via Excel

o     Item Movement

•     Vendor

o     New Vendor

o     New Area

o     New Route

o     Request for Quotation

o     Purchase Order

o     Purchase Invoice

o     Purchase Return

o     Goods Receive Note

o     Goods Receive Return

o     Vendor Import via Excel

o     Item Movement

•     Quick Entry

o     Quick Item Entry

o     Quick Expense Entry

o     Quick Sales Entry

•     Accountant

o     Create Account Ledgers

o     Create Account Group

o     Create Journal Entries

o     Create Payment Entries

o     Create Receipt Entries

o     Create Bank Entries

o     Create Expense Entries

o     Create Advance Receipts

o     PDC Receivables

o     PDC Payables

o     PDC Clearance 

o     Create Budget against Account Group/Ledger

o     Bank Reconciliation Management

•     Inventory Management

o     Create New Item

o     Create Brand

o     Create Group

o     Create Batch

o     Create Warehouse 

o     Create Sections

o     Item Import Via Excel

o     Create new Model

o     Create new Tax

o     Create new Color

o     Create new Unit

o     Create new Size

o     Adjust Quantity on Hand

o     Stock Journal Management ( Production/Stock Transfer/Stock Out)

•     Employee Management 

o     Create new departments

o     Create Pay Heads

o     Create Designations

o     Create Salary packages

o     Create Employee

o     Monthly Salary Voucher Generation

o     Daily Salary Voucher Generation

o     Holiday Settings

o     Monthly Salary Setups

o     Gratuity

o     Advance Payment

o     Bonus Deduction Manager

o     Attendance

o     Pay Slip Generation

•     Reports

o     Sales Report (Quotation/Order/Invoice/Return/Free Sales / Delivery Note/Delivery Return/Credit Note)

o     Purchase Report (Quotation/Order/Invoice/Return/ / Material Receipt Note/Material Return Report/Debit Note)

o     Accounts ( Daybook/General Ledger/Account Group/Cash-Bank Book)

o     Accounts Voucher Entry Reports

     Payment/Receipt/Expense/Bank /Advance Receipt Reports

     PDC Reports ( Payables/Receivables/Clearance)

     Tax Reports

     Vat Return Reports

     Cheque  Payable Report

     Cheque Receivables Report

o     Account Receivables

     Customer Credit Statement-Open Invoices

     Customer Outstanding Reports

     Customer Outstanding Aging Report

     Customer Balance Report

     Customer Transaction details

     Customer  sales wise profit analysis report

     Customer Profitability Summary

o     Accounts Payables

     Supplier Credit Statement-Open Invoices

     Supplier Outstanding Reports

     Supplier Outstanding Aging Report

     Supplier Balance Report

     Supplier Transaction details

o     Inventory

     Stock Report

     Item Movement Report

     Stock Statistics Report (Movement Analysis Report)

     Daily Stock In Report

     Daily Stock Out Report

     Stock Journal Report

     Product against purchase report

o     Registers

     All Vouchers transactions Registers

•     Sales Registers

•     Purchase Registers

•     Accounts Registers

o     Employee Management Reports

     Employee Report

     Employee Attendance Report

     Salary Voucher Report

     Address Book

o     Reminders

     Purchase Order

     Sales Order

     Personal Reminder

     Stock Reminders ( Negative/Reorder Level/max-Min Level)

     Sales Invoice Overdue Reminders

o     Company Financial Reports

     Profit and Loss Statement-Standard Version

     Profit and Loss Statement-Details

     Balance Sheet –Standard Version

     Balance Sheet-Details

     Trail Balance

     Trail balance Level Wise

     Fund Flow

     Cash Flow

o     System manager

     Software General Setups

     User Creation

     Role / Department Creation

     Privilege Setups

     Voucher Type Master

     Tax manager

     Currency Master

     Exchange Rate Setup

     Printer Setup

     Screen Resolution against forms Manager

     Document Manager

     Email Template master

     Email Setup Master

     Barcode Manager

     Multi Language Setup.

Document Manager

     For Every Business it is crucial and required powerful Document Management Solutions for managing companies important documents e.g. to get notified about employee passport/visa/labor card expiry or company trade license expiry or company vehicle related expiry .

In order to manage these kinds of things our software have a separate module that notify while opens the software’s as well as it can be customized as to get notification through emails /SMS.

Major Headache of Organization can be eliminated through our document manager and enjoy a hassle free life. 

Documents Manger is More Secured / More Reliable finally Easy to use.

     What you can do in our Document manager

•     Creating Unlimited Document Types.

•     Attaching Unlimited Documents.

•     Allocate Document No for Each Documents

•     User can Set Whether the document is applicable under Expiry or Not

•     User can set Documents Expiry notification period in order to get notified on prior time


•     Document Attachment made as simple as shown below screenshot

•     There is an option for viewing the attached documents and option for deleting the attached documents.

Attached Document Report