When: Site Visits: December 16, 2016

 What: A customized ERP solution for inventory management and garage operation


During the early 1980s when UAE was stepping in to a new era of development, Mr. AHMED NASIR AL NEAIMI established Abu Nasir General Transport Est with limited financial ability and vast aspirations and wide ambitions. The Establishment started to function with a small fleet of heavy Equipment and Trucks to become a pioneer name in the field of heavy transport industry in UAE.

Beginning with quality principles in the 1980s and extending into lean principles over the years, workplace change initiatives had been the key to the business success of Abu Nasir General Transport.  However the efforts to implement a centralized ERP system for the company was not finding success. Several initiatives were made over the years but all failed to achieve the expected result.  

Emeron InfoSpace LLC

Emeron was the third consultants appointed by Abu Nasir General Transport after the former two failed to deliver. Emeron started the project by asking three simple discussion questions

• What were the key reasons for the failure of the previous two attempts? 

• How can we standardize the work flow with minimum change to the existing work flow?

• How can we effectively prepare the workforce to operating in the changing business context?

Emeron Inventory and Garage Management Solution

Emeron Inventory and Garage Management System, which was initially custom developed for an automobile garage in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The system had real-time automobile garage and workshop know-hows to ensure error free operation with minimal user expertise.  This system has evolved rapidly over the last 5 years into a reliable system well suited all kind of inventory and garage operation.


The first site visit was made by an operation expert on December 16, 2016 who meticulously analyzed the current operation and work process. A management meeting was called and the observations and project plans were discussed. This was followed by putting together a team within Abu Nasir that will form an integral part of the project. The operation expert and the lead developer from Emeron had two rounds of detailed discussion and process finalization with the internal team from Abu Nasir even before the first codding line was typed.

The rest is history, in 45 working days Emeron InfoSpace successfully installed, tested and trained the workforce of Abu Nasir General Transport to successfully operate the new system and produce all the required data and reports. Emeron developers were the local heroes in Abu Nasir who had literally given up hope on have a centralized system.


In an ever-changing and challenging business environment Emeron successfully implements all its initiatives by following a simple five step process executed by its empowered professionals.

Define > Measure > Analyze > Improve > Control.