Clinic Calendar is a website and appointment management system for many types of clinics. There are doctors and admin users. Patients can be registered and appointments can be recorded to patients.

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  • Compatible for many clinic types (dentist clinic, psychologist clinic, doctor clinic…)
  • Responsive, Mobile friendly design for users and administrators.
  • Easy setup.
  • Database is created automatically. Just run project.
  • High performance.
  • Simple and stylish design. Quality components.
  • Includes website, admin processes and landing page.
  • Easy going time zone config.
  • Admin and doctors can add, update and delete appointments on the calendar.
  • Admin and doctor can add their appointments by dragging the patients to the calendar.
  • Admin and doctors can update appointments by sizing and droping.
  • Different type of view support month, week, day, list day, list week on calendar.
  • Appointment is checked on the calendar before it is added. If the Doctor is not available for the appointment to be added, it is not allowed to add an appointment.
  • Appointments on the calendar can be filtered by doctors.
  • Message transmission with stylish alerts.

Admin Features:

  • Add doctors.
  • Freeze or activate doctor accounts.
  • Add and update patients.
  • Passive or activate patients.
  • Export doctors list and patients list in Excel, CSV and PDF format.
  • Search and sort in doctors list and patients list.
  • Add and update appointments to doctors.
  • Can change profile photo.
  • Choose which time zone the application will use.
  • Choose whether appointments are visible to visitors.

Doctors Features:

  • Add an appointment for himself/herself.
  • Add biography for himself/herself.
  • Choose the color of their appointments on the calendar.
  • Update their profile.
  • Can change profile photo.