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 Emeron Accounting/Inventory Software and ERP Solutions For Small Businesses.

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Accounting and finance
Sales and purchase management
 Inventory management, warehousing and manufacturing
Smart Report Management
 Customer Service
Business and Financial Software
For personal and Office Use.
Business and Financial Software

What is Emeron ERP?

Emeron ERP helps small businesses to mid-size enterprises see more clearly. Integration of data across the enterprise ensures that you have greater visibility in all areas of your business, from daily operations to a strategic decision level.

Your Organization.

Since ERP solutions are the operational back­bone of a growing or established organization, it’s necessary to partner with a company that understands your business, we can improve the quality and efficiency of your organization, and delivers a solution that will ultimately save time

Getting started

If you are new to Emeron ERP and you don’t know what to do with it, You will have to relax and let our support team assist you for putting more success to your work. Are you ready?

What to expect Next?

Emeron ERP highly focuses on modules you want to pick and apply to your business. This gives you the control to change your environment and run your business quickly.

Either you work from home or sit at the office desk, Emeron Account/ Inventory software and ERP solutions operates best to satisfy your needs.

Work smarter and ensure your business work together with the software efficiently.

Emeron ERP will allow you to:

• Start up and run quickly with little disruption to your business
• Choose the modules and number of users you need
• Secured Admin System
• Manage your business effectively
• Integrate your third party tools and applications with your new software

Emeron Accounting/Inventory Software and ERP Solutions For Small Businesses.

Managing your Business:

Our customers choose this Emeron ERP because many small businesses need only smaller features to carry on their tasks. It will work hand in hand with your business.

Emeron ERP main tasks:

1. Eliminate cost inefficiencies
2. Gain better control of processes
3. Enhance productivity, customer satisfaction, flexibility and control
4. Handle operations across multi-national markets with full multi-currency support
5. Improve communication and collaboration between all areas of your business

Suitable for companies:

- Trading Companies
- Retail Stores
- Department Stores
- Distribution Companies
- Manufacturing
- Service Companies
- Restaurants

Make Emeron ERP software work the way you want to:

• Expanding brunches
• Easy and secured Admin system
• Receipt all orders and forward
• Easy system that can save you big time
• Safe payment option
• Dynamic currency rate change

Support Team for Your

Unlimited Support
Making all the operation stress free.
Emeron Accounting/Inventory Software and ERP Solutions For Small Businesses.

Why Emeron ERP?

Running a business requires attention to many financial details. While it is possible for most people to manage their personal finances without specialized software, managing business is much more time-consuming without the help of software.

Emeron ERP is Accounting software which focuses on financial solutions from accounting and payroll, to enterprise resource planning and payment. This is mainly focused on solutions like reducing costs, revenue growth and better insight forecasting business.

Main Benefits:

• Accounting and finance
• Sales and purchase management
• Inventory management, warehousing and manufacturing
• Smart Report Management
• Operation
• Customer Service

Emeron ERP

Business and Financial Software

Financial goals –

The monetary objectives of an individual or organiza­tion that are often determined by their future require­ments for funds.
For a business, its financial goals can be expressed as part of an overall financial plan that might include profit targets, projected borrowing requirements, covering operating expenses, and developing a debt payback schedule.

Financial Accounting Dashboard 

All of financial management use a Dashboard as a management tool to provide a balanced picture of how well a Division or individual department is performing.

The Dashboard measures performance from four dif­ferent perspectives:

• Customer satisfaction (Customer Perspective)
• Internal Process (Internal Business Perspective)
• Finances (Financial Perspective)
• Staff development (Learning & Growth Perspective)

Business and Financial Software
Tracking system

Emeron Accounting/Inventory Software and ERP Solutions For Small Businesses.

Modules available in Emeron ERP Software

ERP accounting software packages is designed to simplify and automate complex, manual financial management processes and improve the accessibility, accuracy, and timeliness of mission-critical financial data.

Accounts Module 

• Account Master Creation Module with various levels.
• Book Keeping Vouchers (Cash Book, Bank Book, Journal Vouchers, Receipt Vouchers, Payment Vouchers etc.)
• Sales and Purchase Register Module – Stock.
• Credit Note and Debit Note Module.
• Service Module
• Fixed Asset management module.
• Multi-Currency Management Module.
• Financial Reports Module (Trial Balance, Bal­ance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account, General Ledger Statement)
• User Defined Voucher Creation Module.

Payroll Module 

• Employee Information Module
• Employee’s Documents Expiry Warning Mod­ule
• Salary Details Module with various overtime parameters
• Wage Entry Module
• Leave Calculation Module
• Resignation & Termination Module
• Employee Reports Modules
• Payroll Reports Module
• Pay Slip Print out Individual or all together
• Pay Slip Summary in different formats (job wise / employee wise)
• Pay Slip Summary with currency denomina­tions Department wise Wage Summary
• Job wise Wage Summary

Inventory Module 

• Stock Master Module with unlimited levels.
• Bar Code Generation Module.
• Stock transactions Module (stock master creation, multi-level stock grouping, multi-unit stock conversion Stock Journal, physical stock valuation, other stock information like stock name, code, size, weight etc, Stock Adjustment etc.)

Purchase Module 

• Purchase order
• Purchase invoice
• Material receipt
• Purchase return
• Material receipt rejection

Sales Module 

• Sales Quotation
• Sales order
• Sales invoice
• Delivery note
• Sales return
• Sales return
• Delivery material rejection

Reporting Module 
• Customer’s and Supplier’s Statement
• Sales report
• Purchase report
• Payroll report etc.