If your company is looking for easy growth, Emeron Techspace has the answer. We start with a pre-built and customizable source code that helps to reduce development time, and allows you to customize it per industry. Our goal is to create IT startups by understanding the needs of Industries.

Emeron Techspace is a space for startups to grow because of the availability of abundant resources. Some resources like the software we create can be customized for partner markets. Over 450 products have been created by Emeron Techspace for various industry needs with customized and readymade solutions in mind.



Emeron techspace offer you the software development training necessary to give you the skills to enter the industry and become successful.


Erp Source Codes

Through our source code, we hope to help software startups that cannot afford professional technical staff. With the source code for your new business, you can focus on the desired product and not caring about the technical side.