Emeron today is a world-class enterprise solution providing company that deliver rapid return on investment with low cost of ownership and strong bottom-line business results.



Emeron had a humble beginning in the year 2011 in India under the name Emeron Solutions. During the period, technology was a big thing in India and most companies were trying to bring in a change. However, the midsize companies in India were finding it very difficult to be part of this revolution. The simple reason being ‘technology was expensive’. Emeron Solution was created with its founder’s vision to help these midsize companies to be part of the technology revolution by providing professional ERP solutions at affordable rates.

Dec 01, 2011


The company developed its first solution which was a basic version of inventory control, accounting and CRM system. A young team of professionals were put together to form the front and backend of the company. Business started with Emeron marking its small presence in the IT map of India.

Jan 08, 2012


The third year of operation saw the company invest heavily on product development. The basic CRM and inventory control solutions evolved in to a strong CRM and Trading ERP solution. The company also came up with its first HRM module during this period. 2013 is also marked as an important year in the company’s evolution as Emeron moved its operations from India to Dubai.

Feb 10, 2013


The year saw the company invest heavily on R&D and product development. The company studied various business verticals in the Middle East and drafted plans to develop custom designed ERP systems for each vertical. This idea was taken up by the dedicated engineers at Emeron and the company successfully launch its first custom build ERP System for Real Estate Companies. The same year saw the rollout of Emeron’s second custom software and this time for Rent a Car Companies. Both software were meticulously designed and planned taking in to account all business aspects critical for Middle East operations.

Mar 14, 2014


Walking the success path, Emeron continued to develop more custom ERP solutions for various Industries in the Middle East. Emeron launched five more customized solutions during 2015 for Construction, Cargo, Restaurant, Garage and Used Cars businesses.

Nov 11, 2015


2016 saw Emeron establish a strong foot in the Middle East market by recording steady growth in sales and business returns. Continuing with the company’s guiding principal of continuous innovation and product development, Emeron added two more custom ERP solutions to its portfolio via Clinics and sports schools management. The same year saw Emeron announce the start of two major projects to develop a comprehensive ERP solution for Retail Business Management and School Administration.

Aug 19, 2016