Emeron is a software development company specializing in cost effective ERP solutions for midsize companies. Emeron currently have sixteen custom build ERP solutions for different verticals. The company actively invest in new product development and keeps adding new ERP Solutions to its product portfolio.
Emeron work closely with its customers in fostering deeper relationships, building innovative solutions, and staying committed to their business values. Emeron actively collaborates with clients to create something valuable for them and they consider Emeron as an extended arm of their enterprise.
Emeron today is a fast growing solution providing company in the Middle East with a mission to provide cost effective, high quality solutions to various midsize businesses and services.

Emeron Apply their deep understanding of industry market sectors and strong engineering expertise to make their customers firms of the future, thus played a central role in transforming our client’s business operations. Emeron aim to be recognized as the top Software brand in the global market
Our products and services
Our software is solving real business problems and harnessing the benefits of new technology, whilst remaining simple, efficient and a pleasure to use.
However, EMERON is about much more than just software. We take the lead in foreseeing the implications of changes that will impact SME businesses, particularly in relation to new legislation, and use this understanding to deliver training and support to our customers that instills them with greater confidence.

Core products

Our accounting software gives our customers total control over their finances, invoicing and stock, and provides clear visibility over their profits, cash and financial position.
HR and payroll
Our HR and payroll solutions are simple, secure and efficient, helping our customers to remain compliant and pay their employees accurately and on time.
Our Enterprise Resource Planning (“ERP”) solutions are designed to help customers streamline, consolidate and rationalize their business operations and processes.
Connected services
Our integrated CRM software helps our customers to maintain more productive relationships
With their customers. This helps to drive repeat business and more effective up-selling.
Business intelligence
Our business intelligence solutions are helping customers overcome data complexity and obtain greater insight into their business so that they can make more informed decisions. Customers’ systems, saving them time and reducing the risk of error.
Our Company