Emeron Erp Overview

Emeron ERP-All in One Business Solutions


Customize Emeron with no limits

Emeron used Microsoft technologies .NET and MSSQL Server 2012 to build the Accounting and ERP software that is Connected, Customizable and Scalable. This software is a powerful, yet simple to use accounting and ERP solution. You will find much time has been spent in making the interface appealing and easy to understand yet still provides all the power your organization needs to run your business. This will save you a lot of time and money when implementing the software.

Emeron software has all of the functions you need like order entry, AR, AP, purchasing, general ledger, inventory manager, manufacturing, reporting, payroll, POS, job costing, CRM and banking, but it also has features that will be crucial as you grow. It even allows you to integrate with other programs and almost any other application locally or over the web.

Emeron ERP systems integrate internal and external management information across an entire organization. ERP systems automate this activity with an integrated software application. Their purpose is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization and manage the connections to outside stakeholders.”

Emeron has been designed & developed on Microsoft platform using comprehensive and advanced software design, coding standards and methodology to provide portability across the operating environments and thus ensuring / securing the investments of time and money on the software. Therefore whatever investment you make in Emeron today, is protected in the long term by providing the flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements.

Systematic and methodological based approaches have been adopted to ensure uniformity in all screens and operations. Amendments and enhancements can be made incrementally as the application evolves. The software has multifaceted implementation options which can be applied across multiple industries, business units, divisions, locations and business environments with multiple currencies.

Emeron can be either implemented from the scratch or switch over from existing legacy software. Switching over to new software is a challenging process, due to steep learning curve and consequently impacts on the working culture of organization. Hence to overcome this situation for new / novice users to reduce the learning process, the software has been designed to have intuitive and easy-to-understand user interfaces.

Emeron has been designed to minimize inputs by having single-point input for all documents throughout the modules. In other words, the data entered at the leaf level, through various documents shall reach the root of financials in Balance sheet and P&L instantaneously. Emeron can cater to ever changing business operation needs, due to any new government rules or policy amendments, by flexible design and extensive parameterization.

 Emeron has a wide variety of tools and services that are designed to help client get our product implemented quickly and cost effectively. Emeron is highly scalable as the software has been implemented for small / medium sized organizations to handle inventory (integrated with accounts) as low as 500 items and much larger organization’s inventory (integrated with accounts) having up to 150,000 items.

Customizable Software without Limitations

one of the most crucial prospects for most businesses is the idea of customizing their accounting and ERP application. Everyone has faced terrible and an astronomical amount of effort required to maintain a custom system and the panic that ensues when a vendor ceases supporting a custom application. Emeron accounting software solutions allows you to easily create a customized version for your business.

Emeron is architected to allow you to create customized forms based on the standard forms that can "inherit" the qualities of the standard forms rather than overwriting them. This means that when a new update of Emeron accounting software is released, you can simply install it on your system normally and your custom form will be unaltered.

This breakthrough means that you won't have to do a major implementation every time you receive an update or bug fix for your software and you can feel free to make Emeron an application uniquely suited to your business without eliminating your ability to upgrade.

Emeron is designed as Layer Architect so that if you want any portion to be published in Web only thing to do is to create a presentation layer for that which makes easier than anything.

Code of Emeron is based on Standards, anybody can understand as well as easily modify or update without any hassle.