-        A truly unique and comprehensive Automobile Garage and Workshop 

Management System, which was initially custom developed for an automobile workshop in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with real-time automobile garage and workshop experience, has evolved rapidly over the past into a reliable system well suited for the automobile garage and workshop sector.


Create Job Cards and Vehicle Repair Estimates / Quotations
Cash and Accident repair Jobs with options for Insurance Claims
Options to define Labor, Spare Parts, Consumables & Miscellaneous
Labor Clock-in and Productivity
Labor pre-assignment to jobs and monitoring job status
Clock-in and Out to check the actual labor time spent on the job      
Employee wise labor productivity and efficiency
Labor costing and job wise labor productivity & profitability
Full Insurance and Part Insurance Claims with Excess charged to Customer
Invoicing based on Lump sum amount, Job Card or Actual Parts Issue
Cash, Excess, Insurance Invoice Printing and Receipts
Vehicle Service History, Next Service Date or Mileage (KMS)
Customer & Insurance Statement of Account
Job Card with Spares Parts & Labor Entry & Costing
Lump sum & Excess Amount Entry Option
Daily Vehicle Delivery Schedule Print
Delivery Note, Excess Receipts & Invoice Printing
Job Card, Sales / Invoice Ledger Reports
Daily Cash, Bank Receipts & Payment Register
Cash, Cheque & Credit Card Receipts & Payments
Statement of Accounts with Pending Balances
Purchase Order Entry & LPO
Purchase Ledger & Pending Payment
Car Wash & Service Repairs
Cash Memo / Invoice Printing
Purchase Order for Inventory
GRN & Stock Value Management
Inventory Issue
Journal Entry Screens
Receipts & Payments Entry
Petty Cash, Bank, & PDC Management
Credit Card Batch transaction processing
Cash & Bank
Insurance / Customer / Other Reports
Job Card, Sales & Purchase Ledgers
Statement of Accounts for Receivables & Payables
Bank & Other Financial Statements
Debtors/Creditors Monthly/Yearly Summary
Profit & Loss Report